About Us

A few years back I had rediscovered an old box of LEGO® pieces. As a natural-born gearhead, the first idea to arrive at my mind was to build a model of an iconic car engine. After a few days of snapping bricks, I had built and perfected my very first model. It was based on Honda’s legendary K-Series engine platform. The response from the automotive community was enormous. Car enthusiasts from all over the world flooded my inbox with requests for specific engine models and the rest is history. 

Today, Replica Motorsport is dedicated to designing and building accurate, high quality models based on some of the most iconic engines from cars of all makes and models. We offer two main collections: Assembled Crate Motors and Limited Edition DIY Kits. 

Our Assembled Crate Motors are generally larger in scale. They arrive assembled and inspected for perfection. These motors are designed for maximum expression of detail. For ultimate realism and some extra shipping security, our Assembled Crate Motors arrive on wooden pallets which are built in-house from natural wood made in the USA. 

Our DIY Kits are designed to be more easily assembled while still maintaining a high level of accuracy. They arrive with all pieces disassembled in custom designed packaging, which includes the instructions for building your DIY Kit. These motors are not always available, so be sure you are signed up to be notified. You can sign up on each DIY kit’s product page. 

We really appreciate you taking the time to browse around our website and we hope you are able to find what you are looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.